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Our Achievements

We are proud to announce that thanks to our team and our participation in the BEER Forum in Sochi, we were able to win the competition and received three medals – this is recognition of the taste and quality of our products in all its manifestations. The Forum featured an exhibition exposition with the participation of more than 250 leading enterprises of the brewing industry in Russia, the CIS, Europe, Asia and America.

For 4 days, tens of thousands of people tasted our products and recognized us as one of the best. The BEER Forum in Sochi is recognized by market participants as the only professional and the main specialized exhibition event in Russia for the beer industry. We were part of the largest exposition of the brewing industry in Russia. As part of the Forum, we took part in an industry program that is fully dedicated to all aspects of the work and development of the brewing industry.

Bever Bohemian Pilsner (light beer)
Unfiltered, original extract gravity of the initial wort 12%, alc. 5% vol., bitterness 35 IBU․ Ingredients: pale barley malt, hops, water, brewer's yeast․ "Pilsner" is a historical Bavarian recipe that belongs to the category of two-stage mashed beer with only pale malt and Saaz hops. Medium fermentation, medium body but higher bitterness makes this beer one of the most popular in the world, mostly known as "Bohemian Pilsener".

First was brewed in 1842 by Bavarian brewer Josef Groll at the brewery now known as Plzensky Prazdroj. The combination of pale malt, Saaz hops, as well as the bottom-fermentation technology borrowed from Bavaria, made it possible to obtain a clear, golden beer, which immediately became a real sensation.
Bever Amber (semi-dark, amber beer)
Unfiltered, original extract gravity of the initial wort 13%, alc. 5.3% vol., bitterness 33 IBU․ Ingredients: barley malt, hops, water, bottom-fermenting brewer's yeast․ Medium full and medium bitter whole malt beer. Vienna lager and Bavarian Marzen served as the basis for compiling this recipe. In color, this beer is closer to Marzen, and in bitterness - to Vienna lager. Marzen - Czech "breznjak" - a beer that used to be brewed in March ("brzezen"), when it is still relatively cold.
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